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Hemp Oil Vital Stats:

Smoke point: 325
Best Uses: Finishing, dressings, low-temp roasting, marinades
Storage: Store in a cool, dark spot for up to 12 months.
Flavor Notes: Earthy, nutty, faintly tangy, welcome anywhere you'd want walnut oil.



Hands holding 750 mL bottle of sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil Vital Stats:

Smoke point: 425
Best Uses: Finishing, dressings, roasting, marinades, frying, popcorn, baking, sauteing
Storage: Store in a cool, dark spot for up to 18 months.  
Flavor Notes: Think of this as liquid sunflower seeds, the flavor is warm and nutty and suggests butter. 


hands holding 750 mL bottle of canola oil

Canola Oil Vital Stats:

Smoke point: 400
Best Uses: Dressings, roasting,frying, baking, sauteing.
 Storage: Store in a cool, dark spot for up to 18 months.  
Flavor Notes: Our most neutral-flavored oil, this one provides a fresh, crispness welcome in salads with a tangy, brassica finish.

Sunflower & a Bee

We love Joy Manning's Rhapsody about our Sunflower Oil, and there are a couple neat recipes to boot. 


three bottles of cooking oil on a neutral background in a kitchen location

Keys To A Perfect Vinaigrette 

3:1 Oil:Vinegar
Local Vinegar (We like Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, but here's a stop for local artisan vinegars of may stripes)
Fresh Herbs
Salt & Pepper

Sub any one of our delicious oils into this recipe for a reliable, basic marinade with the perfect amount of acid. 

up close popcorn

For Perfect Popcorn

Get a big, heavy-bottomed pot, set it on medium-low heat.

Pour in a few tablespoons of Sunflower oil. Drop 3 kernels into the oil. Cover the pot with a lid.

Wait for the first pop. 


Pour 1/4 - 1/2 cup kernels into the hot oil.

Put the lid back on. 

Agitate the pot while the popping takes place.

Once the popping slows down and there are a couple seconds between pops, take the pot off the heat, open the lid, sprinkle with your favorite sea salt & serve. 

Fresh Herbs on a wooden tabletop

One of the best things you can get at Troeg's Brewing in Hershey, PA is the rosemary butter popcorn. 

Infuse your own Rosemary oil by following these simple steps: 

Fill an 8-oz canning jar with dried Rosemary stalks. 

Pour in Sunflower oil to cover the herbs. 

Seal the jar with a lid, and set on a windowsill for 2-6 weeks, shake it on occasion. Taste test along the way. 

Once you like the flavor, strain the oil through an old (clean) stocking into a clean, dry jar. Store in a cool, dark place. Drizzle on salted popcorn or toast or use it in salad dressing.