Work With Us!

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Join our tiny team and do important work! When you work with us you have a direct positive impact on sustainable agriculture and the local food supply chain. We are proud of what we do, and we're interested in hiring folks who share our values. 

Here's our Mission Statement: 

~Guided by our passion for local food~
We shorten the distance between farmers and consumers
 Producing high-quality farm-to-table cooking oil from regional crops
We strive to promote environmental sustainability and elevate agriculture.

Here are our core team values: 

  1. Communication--Speak up when we have questions, concerns, or need help. Let your co-workers know when you leave and when you expect to be back. Discuss ideas for improvement or areas for concern openly, honestly, and quickly. 
  2. Mutual Respect--We are a team with diverse & individual skills that help keep things running smoothly. Our work days may take different shapes, happen in different locations, and go on later or end earlier. We all elevate what we do collectively, so we do our work as well as we can and actively support each other.
  3.  Kindness--Use manners and basic decency when interacting with our co-workers. 
  4. Positivity--Encourage others! Say so if someone is doing beautiful work. We help each other when we are able.
  5. Growth Mindset-- embrace accountability, learn from mistakes, always be striving to be the best version of you.

Our most current selection of available positions is on, you can search us on Indeed!  

We are an equal opportunity employer. Please apply regardless of your status. 

Full-time benefits include supplemental accident and cancer insurance, retirement account with employer match, and paid time off. 

A note on our culture: We’re working to build a culture of positivity and support as we grow; everyone on our team is willing to pitch in to get things done, and we practice manners and active gratitude toward one another. We watch for strengths and support professional and personal growth. We communicate openly. We are especially interested in candidates who share the values of hard work, kindness, and honesty.

Questions about positions should be directed to sales [at] susquehannamills [dot] com. 

Right now, we're looking to fill the following positions: 

Oil Shop Attendant


Side Hustle Concession Army Person