New Local ACV

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We’ve partnered with K. Schlegel Fruit Farm, an orchard just under an hour away from our mill, to offer you DELICIOUS, healthy, sustainable Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

The reason we partnered with K. Schlegel Fruit Farm is that they grow Certified ECO Apples. What that means in practical terms is their pest mitigation practices are reactive rather than proactive. 

For example, they only spray for something if it becomes an issue, and they favor practices like Mating Disruption for invasive insects, which involves posting vials of bug sex pheremones throughout the orchard, which prevents would-be breeders from breeding, and does not add anything synthetic or harmful to your apple! 

Karl Schlegel told us that Mating Disruption has been so successful for their orchard that they haven’t seen two of the worst species in two seasons now! 

Shop online to have a bottle of this amazing stuff shipped right to you. 

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